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From Oxon Hill to Beverly Hills, BirchWood to HollyWood :



Don’t mistake frankness and honesty for lack of consideration. These two crooners have been one of the hardest working bands of brothers since the turn of the century, when they founded their own music label New Money Records in Beverly Hills, CA (as well as a clothing line, an all-natural supplement drink, and The New Edition ( Billionaire Tasting, Red RyanBryanWine ) and more!). As you may all be aware, running a label is a labor of love and hard work. Fortunately for the Wood brothers, their work did not go unrewarded. Their fantastic and constant stream of music videos has built them a massive, Google, YouTube and Instagram following. The duo's work has even been noticed and featured by the ultra popular genre website New Money Twinz has already achieved a ton of buzz on the net, getting featured in blogs like VladTV, Power 106 FM , 24HourHiphop , Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Many More Urban, International Top Blogs. New Money Twinz have featured videos on MTV Jams and labeled through Google as “Famous and Unsigned.” NMT accomplished several appearances on BET’s 106 & Park, MTV and The WB television outlets. The group has even been identified as a web trend on Billboard’s website!


Ryan and Bryan broke into the game right out of high school. Straight to the Pros, in 1996 -1998 , Partnered as Writers and Artists with BedRock Productions, ran by Clinton " Buddy " Wike of  the gold selling Soulful R&B Group INTRO. Ryan and Bryan (R&B) toured and traveled from city to city learning and absorbing the blueprint to a successful musical and business career.


1999 -2000, Partnered as Writers and Artists with King City Records, CEO Devante " Swing of the multi-platinum group JODECI.

Coming from a camp that molded many successful musical artists,

In the midst of that, The New Money Twinz was born .

2000 -  Ryan and Bryan got inspired and got the notion to move to HollyWood to pursue their own business and gain West Coast Respect .

From 2000 to 2005 Ryan and Bryan went on hiatus from the music industry and started their education research enrolling in programs to eventually own their own Record / Retail/ Film Dynasty,

Also began the journey of research in the Health and Wellness Industry which landed the brothers a Space Act Agreement with NASA to Market and Promote AS10 An All Natural Supplement Drink, composed of the Worlds Top Fruits and Vegetables. AS10 had a successful launch but the drink was unfortunately discontinued because of the Consumer demand for More Organic Products which Organic Coffee became the next Health and Wellness Product to focus on.

2006, New Money Records became official as a California Based Record, Music and Video Label which has evolved into the World Of TV. And The Merchandising Logo R&B Wear 

was imprinted as the trademark brand for marketing

and promotions for the label. ( Visit The Shopping Cart For

The Extra Special Label Apparel.)    

2006-2011 Started Researching


     Globally accredited and recognized Universities

  • Offering wide range of courses and programs to help your career prosper

  • Provides credit for prior learning/life/work experience


2012-2017 Alki David (The Eccentric Billionaire) gave Ryan and Bryan The Key to Execute Their Skills as Creative Directors and Hosts For The Worlds First Interactive Television Network Filmon.TV Social Networking Experiment. The Network has since went syndicated and are reaching millions of viewers daily from the U.S to The UK.


20 years of Twin-Dependently Promoting and Advertising In The U.S To Tokyo, Japan,

 The New Money Brand have become a  Global Movement.

2024 From Business Owners To Land Owners , From Artists To Authors.... / New Money Twinz is Still in Effect, Entertaining, Producing, Connecting and Building Partnerships, Directing, and Mastering their Marketing and Advertising Skills. 

C.E.O - Ryan K. Wood

C.F.O - Bryan K. Wood

Beverly Hills, CA

NewMoneyRecordsInc (R&B)


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